Monk Blessed Authentic Buddhist Prayer Beads & 108 Mala Beads Meditation Necklaces
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Blessed by Monks 108 Genuine Buddhist Prayer Beads For Sale

Authentic 108 Bead Buddhist Prayer Beads Necklace that you can buy now.  Each Authentic Buddhist Prayer Beads Necklace from Monk Mala has Powerful Blessings for Protection by Real Buddhist Monks.  These Genuine Buddhist Prayer Beads Necklace have been created for Japa Meditation and to be worn as Mala Beads Jewelry Amulets to be worn for Personal Protection

Buddhist Prayer Bead Necklace Mala
Monk Mala is the Best Place to Buy Buddhist Prayer Beads. Real and Authentic 108 Bead Mala that have been Blessed by Monks. Buy Monk Beads used by Monks for Japa Meditation.

Monk Mala is the best place to buy Buddhist Prayer Beads that are not only Real and Authentic – they are Blessed by Monks. 108 Bead Buddhist Prayer Beads Necklaces that are the same type of Buddhist Mala used by Asian people and Buddhist Monks. 

Made from a variety of holy wood from Thailand, India and Burma these Buddhist Prayer Beads Meditation Necklaces now available worldwide by people wanting real mala beads necklaces for mediation or to be worn as jewelry.

Classic Prayer Beads necklace that are used by Buddhist around the world for Japa Meditation or to be worn as a Buddhist Necklace to remind you of your Spiritual Values.

All of our Buddhist Prayer Beads are the same type of Mala Beads that are worn by Real Monks and can be used for both Japa Meditation or worn as real Buddhist Jewelry as a Protection Amulet. For convenience we have divided the Buddhist Mala into two Categories.

Buddhist Prayer Beads: 108 Prayer Beads that are the same type of Buddhist Prayer Beads Monks use for Meditation.  We refer to these as Monk Beads for this reason.

Buddhist Mala Beads:  The same 108 beads with a silver guru bead design for both meditation but also to be worn as a Buddhist Mala Necklace.  Jewelry that have been given a Monks Blessing for Protection for the wearer

Yoga Beads Necklace:  108 beads Necklace using the tradition seeds for a Yoga Meditation Necklace.  We have also had these Blessed by Monks as a added bonus.

Every Real Buddhist Prayer Beads Necklace for Sale includes includes a Certificate of Authenticity and Thai Silk Bag included free
Certified Real Authentic Buddhist Prayer Beads
Each Real Buddhist Prayer Bead Mala Necklace is Certified as Blessed by Monks and Genuine

Monk Blessed Mala Beads Buddhist Necklaces for sale: Monk Mala is part of Sak Yant Chiang Mai; which is a small co-op of over 10 Sak Yant Monks and Ajarns providing Sak Yant Tattoo’s in Chiang Mai Thailand.

With regular Visits to Temples for the Monks Sak Yant Tattoo, we are able to take each Authentic Buddhist Mala Bead Necklace with us for a special blessing for our customers.  The Sak Yant co-op also allows Monk Mala to source it’s Authentic Buddhist Mala Bead Necklaces from the same small local suppliers that the Monks and Ajarns themselves use.

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