Monk Blessed Authentic Buddhist Prayer Beads & 108 Mala Beads Meditation Necklaces
Yoga Beads Necklace

Yoga Beads Necklace

Blessed by Monks 108 Yoga Beads

Real and Authentic 108 Bead Yoga Beads Necklace Mala that have been Blessed by Monks. These Genuine Yoga Necklace Beads are made from sacred wood of India. Made with Indian Seeds these Yoga Beads are great for Japa Meditation Necklace, or with a Silver Guru Bead and Monks Blessing for protection a wonderful Yoga Necklace worn as Jewelry

What are Yoga Beads Necklace Mala?

Yoga beads in the form of a Yoga Necklace are used as an aid to prayer and meditation. Holding the Yoga beads in your hand, you can chant your mantra, voice your affirmation, or take one breath for each Yoga Necklace bead that you pass through your fingers. In This way you can keep track of your breathing or Japa Mantra.

These prayer beads are also believed to harness spiritual healing, increasing immunity, energy and stamina, as a yoga mala beads necklace is worn during yoga or meditation practice, or as an accessory off the mat too.

Yoga is all it’s forms is about detachment. Detachment from the mental and physical, detachment from possessions and desires. The physical aspect of Yoga uses stretching and mental focus to remove ones self from the physical senses of the world. Yoga beads used as a Japa meditation Yoga necklace add a powerful mental practice and help aid removing the mental processes from the material world.

To this end Yoga beads have always been made with simple local resources, that have a mental and spiritual association with this purpose. Most notably wood, stone and seeds. The most famous type of Yoga beads Necklace are the Rudraksha seeds Mala and the Bodhi Seed Yoga Necklace Mala.

For More details you can read What are Yoga Beads

Our Selection of Yoga Beads Necklace.

What are Yoga Beads, Yoga Mala Beads

As the practice of Yoga has been changed with incorporation of the individual teacher or schools personal spiritual philosophies …. so too has the Yoga  Beads Necklaces used for Japa Meditation been adapted.

Most notably modern Yoga Necklaces are now created and sold by many Yoga studios and re-branded as Yoga “Inspired Jewelry”. Rather than the traditional materials (wood or Rudraksha seeds), whose purpose was to remind you of detachment from material and mental possessions – they are made with a combination of different gemstones and the various spiritual beliefs associated with the healing properties of those gems.

Traditional Yoga Necklaces was made from simple, native materials to remind the person doing Japa Mediation with a Yoga Beads that the focused desire is detachment from material and emotional possessions.

Modern Yoga Necklace (or ‘Inspired Jewelry), trends to include elements of the designers personal philosophies, including magical gemstones from around the globe with claims of additional benefits.

Why Are Yoga Beads Made Of 108 Beads in a Yoga Necklace?

The truth is, no one really knows for sure.  There are many reasons given, and each reason seems to result with the number 108.  Going back to the ancient Vedic culture, their mathematicians knew that 108 was the number of existence. In the yogic tradition, there are 108 Upanishads (the sacred texts), 108 sacred sites throughout India, and 108 marma points, which are the sacred sites of the body.

There were 108 gopis dancing with Krishna in Vrindavan. This number is so engrained in the Indian consciousness that 108 is the telephone number for emergencies, like 911 in the U.S. In the Jewish tradition, 108 is a multiple of 18, which is the number connected to the Hebrew word chai, meaning “life, or alive.” And in Islam, the number 108 refers to God.

Thus, when we recite or recount number 108, we are actually remembering the entire universe. This reminds us of the fact that the universal self is omnipresent, that is the innate nature of the self

Every Yoga Mala Beads Necklace sold includes includes a Certificate of Authenticity and Thai Silk Bag included free
Monk Blessed Mala
Certified Real Authentic Buddhist Prayer Beads
Each Real Buddhist Necklace Mala is Certified as Blessed by Monks and Genuine

Monk Blessed Yoga Mala Beads: Monk Mala is part of Sak Yant Chiang Mai; which is a small co-op of over 10 Sak Yant Monks and Ajarns providing Sak Yant Tattoo’s in Chiang Mai Thailand.

With regular Visits to Temples for the Monks Sak Yant Tattoo, we are able to take each Yoga Mala Beads Necklace with us for a special blessing for our customers.  The Sak Yant co-op also allows Monk Mala to source it’s Authentic Indian Yoga Mala Beads  Necklaces from various suppliers of Japa Mala Necklaces in India.


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