Monk Blessed Authentic Buddhist Prayer Beads & 108 Mala Beads Meditation Necklaces
What are Buddhist Prayer Beads

What are Buddhist Prayer Beads?

What are Buddhist Prayer Beads? Exploring the Spiritual Tool Buddhist prayer beads, also known as mala beads, are used by Buddhists and other religious followers to recite mantras, prayers, or other sacred texts. They are made of various materials, including wood, seeds, bone, and gemstones, and have different meanings and uses. In this article, we…

What are Yoga Mala Beads

What are Yoga Mala Beads?

Yoga Mala Beads Meaning? If you are familiar with Yoga you may have wondered what is the meaning of Yoga Mala? Yoga Mala — also known as Yoga Beads or japa malas — are Yoga Necklaces that usually have 108 beads and a Guru Bead. The use of Yoga Mala beads as a device for…

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